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Company group Take Wing was created by merging projects under the program "Digital Economy" to perform a range of tasks in the sphere of IT, financial and biomedical technologies. The company provides solutions for development and support of innovative software products for a wide range of customers - from large businesses to state companies, as well as public-private partnership projects. In addition to business solutions, Take Wing conducts research and scientific development, educational programs in the field of IT technology in conjunction with leading institutions.

How do we work


Listen to You

Basing on your wishes, we compile specifications and technical task for designing the system.



Implement the system architecture in accordance with the technical task, namely, a working model of the project that performs the functions described in specifications.



Design a solution, that is ready for use by the customer. Take Wing has an experience of creating complete systems - from the back-end infrastructure to the deployment of the finished application on server.



After acceptance of the finished solution, we conduct full maintenance of its operation - service, addition of updates and extensions, training.


The company actively uses machine learning technologies, artificial neural networks for intelligent data processing. Artificial intelligence is one of the most advanced trends in the development of the IT industry. The technology create opportunities to find implicit patterns, deep data analysis, which allows to extract information that was not available earlier, to make more effective decisions, and achieve the tasks with less time and material costs. The technology of artificial intelligence is the future of data processing. Take Wing company has a wide experience of using technology in scientific and practical applications, employees of the company are competent specialists in the development and implementation of IT solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Rules of life TWC o


Clusters of the company continuously generate new innovative solutions that form products of the new generation


The company operates in the most modern branches of the economy and fields of science


We pay great attention to the development of the company's products and lead our own R&D direction


The main asset of the company is a team of highly qualified specialists of world level


The team of specialists has fundamental knowledge and applied development experience


Cluster organization of the company allows to develop and maintain projects of any scale and complexity


The client always receives high-quality innovative products, bringing to a new level of technological development


Responsible approach of specialists at all levels to the implementation of projects of each client


All actions of the company are carried out with responsibility to the society, clients and employees


Take Wing has a team of highly qualified specialists with experience in scientific and practical activities in leading institutes of Russia, such as Lomonosov Moscow State University, MIPT, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MEPhI, as well as experience in conducting major projects in the field of information technology. The staff of the company is scalable, which is especially important for the implementation of large projects and infrastructural IT solutions. Employees of Take Wing conduct professional training in modern digital technologies.


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